Welcome to Scan Global Logistics Career Portal


Whether you are a seasoned professional with a desire for a career boost, a highly competent specialist searching for new challenges with like-minded, looking for a position at one of our warehouses - or ready to apply for a trainee position with true career potential, you may find what you are looking for here at our career portal.

We are always interested in hearing from potential candidates that may fit into our organization of skilled specialists, passionate entrepreneurs, and proud problem-solvers.

The core of our DNA is a ‘can-do-attitude’ and the willingness to always walk the extra mile to find the right solution, and we are happy to invest in our employees. Any investment in our employees’ education is an investment in the future of Scan Global Logistics, and our talented and capable employees are the backbone of Scan Global Logistics.

Together we have pinpointed four virtues that we live by and ensure that Scan Global Logistics is a great and interesting place to work.

Respect, Entrepreneurship, Integrity and Fun.

Now you know basics of who we are – we assume you already know what we are and what we do.

We are happy that you are showing interest in becoming a part of Scan Global Logistics and look forward to hearing from you.


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